Do few things extremely well.

While every single one of our projects is custom-crafted for the needs of each client, our projects tend to fall into a handful of categories that we're especially practiced at. Whether it's a virtual tour that gives context to a product or place, an interactive narrative conveyed in a captivating way, or an immersive environment that delivers a transformative experience, we've got a solution that will fit your specific goals.

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Virtual Tours

Take your audiences ON GUIDED VISITS TO places, spaces, and the world around them — or halfway around the world from them.

A clear, impossibly-detailed view from an observation deck high above the city. A once-in-a-lifetime look into a precious and pristine environment that must remain protected. A high-fidelity, interactive exploration of a unique place, space, or product that's available globally, 24/7. Stimulant's virtual tour experiences tell your stories visually and in context for maximum impact and understanding. 

From ultra-high-resolution 360-degree panoramas to animated XR walkthroughs to fully-navigable digital twins leveraging the latest in imaging technology, let us help you showcase your product or space in a new light.

Interactive Storytelling

People remember 20% of what they read, 40% of what they hear, 60% of what they feel and 80% of what they discover on their own.

A story worth telling is worth telling well, and only a story well-told makes a meaningful impact. Whether it's showcasing successes and innovations in a tangible way, explaining complicated concepts to a diverse set of audiences, or inspiring people to action, we know that everyone interacts and learns differently.

Stimulant brings sixteen years of learnings to interactive experience design, and our process is designed to ensure your messages reach your audiences intuitively, effectively, and effortlessly.

Digitally-Enhanced Environments

An immersive experience is one where the audience forgets they are an audience.

A careful blend of experience design and technological innovation, immersive, digitally-enhanced experiences make statements, transform perspectives, and create indelible memories.

Whether it's transporting a visitor to a different state of mind or granting them superpowers to create moments of wonder and awe, Stimulant's interactive spaces are crafted to let those who enter these magic circles take the reins and be the protagonists in their own story. As we like to say: we create magicians, not magic. 


Freetouch is a touchless interface for connected displays that uses the one screen people feel comfortable touching… Their own smartphone.

Created for our clients in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Freetouch is now globally available. Hands down (and hands off). It's fastest and easiest way to add touchless interaction to digital exhibits and interactives.

Installed in minutes, mastered in seconds, touchless anywhere.

Visit the Freetouch website and download a free trial today.

Conceptual sketches for the digital donor wall.