Interactive Lobby Dashboards


South San Francisco, CA

Clear, relevant, and engaging information for visitors and employees.

The Ask

Increase employee engagement and enhance recruiting tours with both guided and self-guided presentations of timely corporate content.

The Journey

Design a unified experience that adapted to different display sizes and layouts, and pulled content in real-time from the corporate intranet, social media, and building information systems.

The Solution

A content-forward, brand-right, and user-friendly interactive dashboard that enables Genentech to add, update and manage content across all lobbies using existing and familiar systems.

Genentech’s campus in South San Francisco features informative interactive lobby walls in several of the buildings. The company wanted to redesign them to increase employee engagement and to feature a wider variety of content.

A dynamic and flexible interactive lobby wall platform

Stimulant responded with the idea to have one application that runs across multiple display configurations in different buildings, as well as in a larger form factor for the new flagship building 35. We built a system that blends content from Genentech’s existing intranet, social media feeds, and building energy statistics, and designed it to be content-forward, brand-right, and user-friendly. The new system handles a variety of display layouts and sizes seamlessly, and enables Genentech to add, update and manage content directly using existing and familiar systems.

Two visitors interact with the multiuser interactive dashboard in the lobby of Genentech's headquarters.

The interactive lobby wall is the centerpiece of the building, providing an up-to-date overview of Genentech news and happenings.

A commanding presence for a new building

The lighthouse installation was a brand new five-display-wide interactive lobby wall. This new LEED-rated building made the digital experience the focus of the main lobby, providing guests and employees with a live view into Genentech’s events, efforts, advocacy and online conversations.

Real-time content from many sources

The prior system was very difficult to update. Genentech wanted to use their existing intranet publishing tools to manage content across platforms, so we designed a system that would ingest the content and format it for the interactive lobby walls. This includes events, stories, features and other timely notifications.

Social media was also important, so we designed a mechanism to pull in content from Twitter. This brought the firm’s active social media presence into the conversation alongside richer in-house content. It also ensured a constant supply of new content, keeping interest high over time.

A close up of the interactive lobby dashboard which displays information from social media.

Tweets feature prominently on the experience, keeping content consistently fresh.

Wayfinding and BIS building information dashboard

In addition to prose and feature content, the installations were designed to be site-specific as well. Each interactive lobby wall features a map of the building it was installed in. To support Genentech’s LEED goals for their new building, we also display a real-time dashboard of the building’s current energy usage and systems status.

A view of the BIS building information system display on the lobby dashboard.

One application, many layouts

Each of the five buildings where the application was to be deployed had a different configuration of displays, from a 5×1 interactive touchwall to a 4×2 video wall to a very custom 2×2 display grid. We designed the application to adapt to all of these different configurations, providing flexibility for deployment in future scenarios.

A wide shot of the lobby dashbaord shows how a full content takeover can draw attention across the entire interactive wall.

Full-wall takeover moments highlight key content.

A view showing how the interactive lobby wall adapts to different numbers of displays.

The interactive touchscreen dashboard adapts to a variety of display configurations.

The interactive lobby wall enables deeper dives into individual pieces of intranet content.
The interactive lobby wall integrates seamlessly into the architecture of the building.