Stimulant was born of a passion for solving challenging problems through creative applications of technology.

We are

Sixteen years and countless deployments later, our creative technology studio has developed and honed a careful end-to-end process that allows us to push the boundaries of the possible while embracing flexibility and proactively managing risk.

Our efforts are underpinned by an unwavering north star: earning and rewarding our clients' trust through proactive and thoughtful communication, leveraging our rich industry experience and deep expertise, and a delightfully human approach to our work.  

We Craft

Our services and solutions are varied and broad-ranging, and each project is different from the last. From the real world to extended reality and beyond, we love turning your dreams into glittering, tangible realities.

Virtual Tours
Visitor Centers
Experience Centers
Interactive Exhibits
Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality
Touch/Touchless Interactives
Custom Software Applications
Product Concept Exploration
Proofs-of-Concept & Prototypes
Immersive Media
Data Visualization
Generative Art

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Recognition + Press

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What it's like to work with us

Our Immersion process is carefully crafted to give our project team an in-depth understanding of your goals, needs, and aspirations, which inform the audience journey that is at the heart of our work. This initial effort is equal parts inquiry, exploration, and definition, and is highly collaborative.

In Visioning we'll craft an overarching concept, defining form and function in broad strokes. We'll identify stories to tell and determine how to make them truly your own. We'll research technologies and assess deployment approaches, whether virtual or physical. And we'll prepare high-level experiential, content and technical strategies. Our final Visioning Package tells a complete end-to-end story of the proposed solution, with enough clarity and detail to give any potential stakeholder a clear understanding of the path forward.

The Design phase is where we develop and fine-tune the details of the solution: how your audience will interact with the experience, the tangible qualities of how it will look, feel, move, and sound, and how it will be housed. This is a high-touch process that shares progress often to allow us to incorporate feedback. We'll produce low-fidelity prototypes to better prove out the approach, which allows us to course-correct early if needed. Bid packages are prepared and issued for fabrication, third-party content development, and audio-visual equipment. When complete, we'll have a full set of documents, drawings, and blueprints to guide our hands in the Production phase.

Production is where the rubber meets the road. Media is scripted, produced and formatted for delivery. Image capture and videography takes place. Software development proceeds and frequent builds are staged for review. Limited- and/or full-scale staging takes place to enable previewing and thorough testing. This phase includes fabrication of custom structures and enclosures, and deployment planning and coordination.

On-site Installation, calibration, show control programming, lighting programming, experience tuning, and a final run-through is an incredibly rewarding step. Experiences are deployed online and/or in their final physical environment. Systems are provisioned, software is calibrated, and we pull out all of those final touches we've been saving for the end.

At this point our work is largely finished, but before we hand over the keys, we make sure you understand the care and feeding of your new experience. In Transition we'll train your team in daily operations and maintenance, troubleshooting, and review schedules and plans for future updates. And rest assured this isn't goodbye: we want to be around for the long haul to help ensure this is everything you hoped it could be, and more.