Open-Source Application Monitoring and Performance Management Tools Released

At Stimulant we consider it very important to know how our installations are doing out in the wild, whether they are permanent or temporary. To that end we’ve developed a toolkit referred to as “ampm”, which quickly adds monitoring and management functions to our applications without much work from the application developer. It’s now standard practice to integrate these tools into our deployments, and they’re out in the wild on projects at tourist attractions and trade shows.At its most basic you can use it to launch your app, monitor the process, and restart it if it crashes. You can also schedule intentional restarts, do all sorts of logging/analytics, and view current status such as frames/second and CPU usage via a basic web interface. There are samples of how to use it with Cinder apps, web apps, and WPF apps.

ampm web console

If you find these utilities helpful, definitely let us know. If you find a bug or make an improvement, please enter an issue or pull request.