Welcome, Jack Spilberg! Q&A with Stimulant's new Director of Business Development and Marketing

We're ecstatic to welcome Jack to the Stimulant team. Jack brings some serious chops to our game, having cut his teeth in the experiential space at JUXT and developed a keen awareness and appreciation for the kinds of work that we do. We're hopeful that you get the chance to chat with him about your next big idea. Welcome, Jack!


Can you share a bit about your background?Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to lead product marketing and sales development teams at IGN, Pandora, and Meebo (acquired by Google). I also was the business development and marketing lead at Metajive and JUXT, where I helped build a broad roster clients including Intel, Merck, Spotify, and Google. Outside of work, I sit on the Leadership Counsel at Year Up, a phenomenal youth and job skills training organization that has been featured on 60 Minutes and endorsed by the White House.What drew you to Stimulant?I’ve been a longtime admirer and fan of Stimulant’s incredible work with Microsoft, Intel, and Genentech. I loved Stimulant’s public space installations at One World Observatory in New York and at the Seattle Space Needle. They are the best in breed when it comes to creating dynamic interactive environments and touch interface design.What really sold me though were the seriously talented people on Stimulant’s team and their shared passion for creating the next generation of smart spaces and environments that we work, play, and live in.During one of my first meetings at Stimulant, I noticed someone on the team just casually tinkering around with a mini augmented reality hologram around the office. It’s a little like Willy Wonka’s factory here with the mix of emerging technology, installation, and experience design focused projects being actively produced at any given time.Can you share something about yourself that not everyone knows?I’m not ashamed to admit that my all time favorite band is the Beastie Boys, and that I thought the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens was pretty cool. One random fact about me is that my wife and I were actually on an HGTV show called Room Crashers a few years ago. We were shot in an episode where they remodeled a room in our house. It was embarrassing and weird to be on camera in one of those cheesy home makeover shows, but it was actually a lot of fun and hey, we got a remodeled room out of the deal for free!What does the future hold for Stimulant from your perspective?Good things to come! With a great deal of momentum behind us, we will be ramping things up as the demand for interactive environmental and experience design continues to grow at a rapid pace. With a team of specialists focused on emerging technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, kinect, beacons, and more, we will be building some incredible smart spaces in the coming months. Keep an eye on our progress via @stimulant.