Trendspotting: Robots + Ribbons

We've been completely mesmerized watching these digitally-driven kinetic expressions this week. Please let us know when the 4K 1000fps director's cut of each is available, thank you. [embed][/embed]

"A device that automatically and continuously records and plays back movement. From reading the movements that it plays back—movements that resemble those of an organism that does not actually exist—the device gains an understanding of the rules of the movements that are physically taking place. Could we not say, then, that these observations are a window to discovering new forms of movement? For the material, a rhythmic gymnastic ribbon was used, due to how it readily retained the shape of its movement." (H/T


"Created by the team at FIG.- Amana Prototyping Lab in Japan, Rhythmic Gymnastics is a practical experiment using a Denso VS-050S2 robotic arm. The team’s work has been concerned with developing techniques that extend the possibilities of visual representation. In this experiment the aim is to represent the sensibility of human movement using harsh robot mechanics." (H/T


“Computer algorithm collects from Internet the data on power and depth of shocks in planet’s crust and captures all the earthquakes above 0.1 (Richter magnitude scale). On an average day there are up to 200 of such shocks. This data is converted into signals that control the motors which are attached to Thunder Drum acoustic drums” (H/T S+V+M)