Stimulant announces TouchTones, the multi-user music maker, which is the world's first Microsoft Surface-Certified freeware application for Microsoft Surface.

It's musical, it's magical, and it's free. Stimulant is thrilled to announce the release of TouchTones as a freeware application for Microsoft Surface.TouchTones (formerly ToneGrid) is a multi-user collaborative music maker that doesn't require any musical knowledge in order to make something beautiful. Just tap the colored spheres to get them started and change the melody in real time! TouchTones has a range of innovative features:

  • TouchTones features four sounds and a four-octave "grid," which acts like a keyboard.
  • Up to four people can use TouchTones at once.
  • Symmetrical controls on all sides let any user control any sound.
  • Holding down a colored button while tapping an arrow with another lets the user play the grid like an instrument. You can even play chords!
  • Volume control, reset button, and integrated help video makes learning and playing a snap.
  • No written instructions are needed to learn how to use TouchTones!

TouchTones is being made available for free for any Microsoft Surface running Service Pack 1 or higher. If you're interested in having Stimulant visually reskin the application, replace the stock sounds with something custom, or want additional features, just ask. TouchTones is designed to be fully customized to meet your specific branding goals. Feel free to contact us for any general inquiries regarding TouchTones.To learn more about TouchTones, or to download the installer, visit Stimulant's Product Page.