Talking about Spatially Literate Design at SXSW 2015

We got the great news that our SXSW panel submission was selected by, well, all of you! Thank you. As the analog and digital worlds inch ever closer and closer to becoming nearly indistinguishable from one another, we believe it's critical to understand how physical context of use informs design patterns for digital experiences. Stimulant's Nathan Moody will be joined onstage by Jennifer Kolstad from Gensler and Jennifer Bove of Fjord, alongside Fast Company Co.Design editor Mark Wilson. Questions or ideas for our discussion can be shared with us @stimulant. Hope to see you in Austin!Here's the abstract:

If context of use should deeply inform interaction design, then why are designers still creating website-like experiences on mobile phones, or desktop-like experiences on interactive surfaces? The design community rallies around the fact that these experiences should be different, yet the specifics of how they should differ seems elusive. When it comes to designing truly context-appropriate experiences that are location based or site specific, design decisions must be made that are spatially literate: they intelligently incorporate the environment into the design, and the design uniquely belongs, or adapts to, the environment in which it is experienced. Moderated by Fast Company Co.Design's Mark Wilson, this panel will bring together speakers from the technology, architecture and design communities to dive deep into spatial literacy and how designers and developers can make experiences more relevant and meaningful through deeper understanding of environmental and user context.