"Stimulation" Experience at WorldStage's Mixed Reality Open House

At WorldStage's recent Mixed Reality Open House, we collaborated to create "Stimulation," a unique and fun large-scale interactive LED experience.[embed]https://vimeo.com/190280997/5670e28768[/embed]

In addition to Stimulation, the Open House featured a wide variety of experimental and emerging display technologies. To take a look at the other demos featured via the link below:

WorldStage Mixed Reality Open House

Another favorite installation of ours that WorldStage developed at the Open House was the "LED Immersion Room," which featured an interactive LED floor and walls, as well as a user-driven touchscreen control.

WorldStage's "Kinetic Projection Tracking" project caught our attention as well. The demo featured real time object tracking via a sophisticated infrared camera system, which enabled extremely low latency position and rotation recognition and projection.

Big thanks to WorldStage for inviting us to participate!