Stimulant Staff Holiday Wish List

What do a jetpack, a bird buggy and an E&S DJR400 have in common? This isn’t a riddle, it’s a list of products on our staff’s holiday wish list this year. Although it’s likely that no one will be receiving their wish list item, we figured we would put it out there just in case any friends and family are reading (hint hint).Darren wants the Tesla Model S.“I hate cars. I really do. I'd rather walk or bike than drive. But let's face it, I grew up in LA, so driving is in my genes, I just can't reconcile total exhilaration against tailpipe emissions. Which is why I own a Prius. But to have my cake and eat it too? Fast as a Porsche 911, 4-seater luxury with no dead dinosaurs in the tank? Sign me up. Probably need a bank of solar cells at home to totally guilt-proof it.”Aron wants a Pioneer Astronaut Ticket on Virgin Galactic.“I want to be among the first 500 to ever fly into space — and hopefully come back.”Jules wants The Martin Jetpack.“The personal jetpack is right up there with flying cars when kids (like me) used to dream about what the future would be like, that and it’s a FREEKIN’ JETPACK!”Lee wants the Cloud Atlas DVD. “This is the best movie of 2012! Even if you don’t like the intricate stories, the epic montages, the sweeping life lessons, the brilliant cinematography, or the acting, at least watch it to appreciate a whole new level of futuristic UI!”Ritesh wants the Alienware M17x. “For as long as I can remember, I've wanted an Alienware. These are laptops designed with one thing and only one thing in mind: gaming experience. And the Alienware M17x is hands down the best mid-range gaming laptop of the year. For the top notch graphics its combination of core i7 and GTX 680M have to offer, I don't even mind lugging this 10 pound bad boy around everywhere. And then there's alienFX, adding boldness and personality to this piece of sheer beauty.”Nathan wants the Arri Alexa.“It’s hard to be a modern storyteller without the use of video in some way. Most digital motion cameras are significant compromises: Low internal bandwidth, massive compression artifacts, low-bit-depth footage with crappy latitude for post-processing. Arri, an old standby in film equipment, went fully post-modern with the design of their Alexa digital camera, creating a tool with almost zero compromises and much-lauded usability...itself rare for a tool whose audience is exclusively expert users. It also has a brutally utilitarian industrial design aesthetic that would make any Aliens fan giddy, without the ID pretension of, say, a RED Epic.”Joel wants the E&S DJR400.“There are lots of great sounding rotary mixers and there are lots of small mixers but there really aren’t that many small rotary mixers (and none that sound this good). This mixer was designed by DJ Deep and Jerome Barbe and is one of the best sounding mixers on the market. They are pretty much just custom made for friends of DJ Deep but have gathered a reputation as one of the most desired DJ mixers ever made.”Greg wants the Optoma HD20 High Definition 1080p DLP Home Theater Projector.“Movies are meant to be enjoyed large, but owning an oversized television is difficult in small spaces. This compact projector is small enough to fit on a shelf and packs a wallop of a picture. The only thing missing is a surround sound setup that will shake the windows of overhead planes.”John wants the Zero S Electric Motorcycle.“An amazing looking, fully electric motorcycle with great design and mileage capabilities. This bike is meant to zip around the city, look stylish, and use very little power. If Tesla made motorcycles, they still wouldn’t be this awesome.”Lisah wants the Bird Buggy.“Sure, my 4-year-old umbrella cockatoo, Bella, is fully-flighted and can fly around the house at her leisure. But can you imagine the other birds’ envy watching her zip around the yard in this bad boy? She’s already the coolest bird on the block; this one will 1-up them all.”