Stimulant Presents #dBcube for the Microsoft Cube

Stimulant is thrilled to announce the first-ever exhibition of The Cube, a new instrument for digital artwork. The Cube is a five-sided, internally-projected sculpture produced by Microsoft, displaying a digital art piece created by Stimulant which will be unveiled at the EMP Museum in Seattle as part of the 2014 Decibel Festival. The festival begins tonight and runs through Sunday, featuring renowned artists such as Simian Mobile Disco and Ritchie Hawtin.Stimulant is, at its core, a team of musical technologists, as evidenced by our past efforts with TouchTones, LoopLoop, and the signage project for last year’s Decibel Festival. We’re also not shy about working with emerging technologies, having gone deep with PixelSense, Kinect, and many other tools before they were ready for public consumption. Today we’re thrilled to announce the perfect combination of those passions in the form of, well, a four foot cube.#dBcube visualizes a collection of sensor data from the four Kinects placed in the sculpture, and also reacts in real-time to the beats of performers in the venue. Dancers and their friends can see themselves in a whole new way, and make interactive connections with dancers on the other sides of the sculpture that they might not know. When dancers arrive on opposite sides, their avatars become linked at the hands by virtual ribbons, turning their individual dance moves into flowing and twisting shapes, creating collaborative visual expressions as they move along with the music. #dBcube cycles through a variety of virtual environments as the evening progresses.We hope you’ll get a chance to check out #dBcube this week! Tickets the many shows are available from Decibel Festival. Limited tickets may also be available at the door at EMP.