Samsung SketchMotion Debuts at CES 2013

The release of Windows 8 in 2012 prompted a lot of PC manufacturers to start thinking about “touch-first” and natural user interface principles for the masses. Stimulant was lucky enough to be asked to create a fun, expressive, multi-user creativity application for Samsung’sProduct Innovation Team (PIT) to be shown at the Samsung booth at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.Samsung PIT’s San Jose office and Stimulant collaborated to create Samsung SketchMotion, a touch-driven, single or multi-user creativity application that combines traditional drawing tools and animated procedural, algorithmic tools. One goal, which pervades much of our previouswork, is to let software be a force multiplier for the user’s creativity: The tiniest amount of effort with no domain knowledge still yields unexpected, emotionally-compelling results.With this in mind, we created a number of unique, always-evolving, ever-moving “painting” tools that let pictures move, breathe, and evolve. We created tools that leave continually-moving, animated particle systems as the user draws, as well as geometrically iterative tools that paint expanding fractal patterns to provide broad textural fills. This algorithmic visual sandbox all ran in a Modern-style UI on Windows 8, demonstrating a minimal, touch-centric interface in a rich, full-screen environment.Samsung SketchMotion can be viewed at the 2013 CES show this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Center Hall, Booths 12000 and 12527.