New Project: One Liberty Place Observation Deck

Stimulant is thrilled to announce a new digital installation in Philadelphia!We worked with Montparnasse56, the operator of the One Liberty Place Observation Deck, and our world-class photography partners Panogs, to create a 360-degree explorable panorama of Philadelphia. Driven by six touchscreens throughout the observation deck, this experience features gigapixel-class images of the city, shot both in daytime and at night, with nearly 100 interactive points of interest with stories and even more photos.


The imagery for these experiences is truly stunning, with levels of zoom even higher than similar interpretive exhibits we've created in the past, for the likes of Reunion Tower and the Space Needle. Visitors are not only oriented towards the views they are looking at, getting a better sense of the layout and finer details of Philadelphia itself, but they are regularly finding unexpected moments around the city in the interactive panoramas themselves, from local celebrities to wedding parties!


If you're ever in Philadelphia, you can head to One Liberty Place and get a whole new perspective on the city yourself.