Junior Interaction Designer

Stimulant is looking for a junior interaction/UX designer in our San Francisco office to help produce designs for beyond-the-desktop, next-generation interactions for some of the world’s biggest brands. If you can communicate as well as you design, learn quickly, and use humor to carry yourself through tough challenges, well, we should talk.

Interaction designers at Stimulant are responsible for the killer ideas, overarching concepts, and most nuanced details of the user experience for devices, installations, and more. While junior interaction designers will be mentored and assisted by the best in the business, they will still be exposed to problems that few have faced before. You will need to reach as deeply into your theoretical knowledge as your hands-on craftsmanship to communicate design concepts to developers, visual designers, and Stimulant’s clients. The level of design ownership is high, the impact of one’s work is significant, and the learning opportunities are unmatched.We’re looking for creative professionals who:

  • Have at least an undergraduate degree or equivalent demonstrable professional experience
  • Have a passion for the science and the craft of interaction design
  • Can demonstrate, in a body of visible work, a sense of craft and rigor as well as a solid grasp of theory and theme
  • Are able to easily switch between the mile-high view and the deepest functional details
  • Understand technology at a deep level, even though they might not write code
  • Have a broad cross-section of software tool experience (Visio, Graffle, Illustrator) and are equally conversant with MacOS and Windows
  • Have utmost respect, and interest in, other disciplines, from creative to technical
  • Are process-oriented, but not process purists
  • Thrive in small, ultra-creative environments
  • Balance confidence with humility
  • Own their mistakes and use criticism to launch their ideas into greatness
  • Previous design work around multi-touch, gestural, and multi-modal interfaces is a plus
  • Have an insatiable appetite for learning and self-improvement

At Stimulant, junior interaction designers:

  • Produce highly detailed, richly annotated client deliverables such as wireframes, user flows, and custom deliverables based on the needs of projects
  • Collaborate intensely with developers, who will evaluate their work for technical feasibility
  • Work closely with visual designers, who will ultimately give visual form to their designs
  • Enter and manage issues and bugs around interaction design issues during the development process
  • Participate in project brainstorms, Creative Department meetings, and brown bag sessions, sharing as much knowledge as they receive

Interested candidates should provide a cover letter, resume, and portfolio to jobs@stimulant.io.