Judging the Adobe Design Achievement Awards

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The 2015 ADAA identity by Dani Wolf

The 2015 ADAA identity by Dani Wolf[/caption]Hi all, Nathan here. As Stimulant's design director, I was recently tapped to be one of the judges in the final round of the Adobe Design Achievement Awards on August 11 and 12, 2015. The final judging panel was filled with top talent, and both Stimulant and I are proud to have such esteemed company.The judging process was both fun and incredibly hard. I've judged a lot of design competitions and awards, and this year the work was so strong that little of it looked like the work of students. The work that was submitted was incredibly polished, across the board. Even though there can be only one key winner in each category, any semifinalist who got to this last round of judging has an incredibly bright future ahead of them.I found this experience uniquely rewarding because it represented all the things that make Stimulant's projects come to life: image-making (illustration, motion, photography, traditional design), experience design (interaction, exhibition), and storytelling (animation, filmmaking, post-production). It was a great thrill to have the chance to look at such a broad range of disciplines, in such rarefied company, and, of course, to see that the future of creativity is so very bright.See the entries for yourself.The ADAA winners will be announced at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, October 3-7, 2015.