Five of Our Favorite Finds: September ’13 Edition

Our favorite finds from September include an interactive sandbox and experiencing a bird's eye view (literally) with a GoPro.1. "The Work Comes First" is a permanent installation at Wieden+Kennedy. Made with Cinder, Arduino, and the Cinder-Asio and Cinder-OpenNI blocks, this piece blends simplicity with technical complexity.

2. Built using Quayola, Mira Calix, and live vvvv visuals, Dedalo visualizes sound for live performances.

3. A Kinect and a projector turn a sandbox into an interactive canvas.

4. Turn an object in 2D to 3D in seconds.

5. Our favorite diversion of the month was tying to figure out how you strap a GoPro to an Eagle and get it back?