Five of Our Favorite Finds: May '13 Edition

Aside from a peek at the new Xbox One, our favorite finds from May include a projected water screen, light graffiti, and a giant Lego sculpture.

  1. A sneak peek at the Xbox One has us excited for future possibilities in interactive installations. The new Kinect has a wide-angle 1080p HD depth camera that captures RGB color video at 30 frames per second, it can track up to six skeletons, works in complete darkness, and reads your heartbeat and muscle movement. Time to update our last Test Bench post.
  2. Projected water screens prevent accidents in Australia. A brilliant use of this otherwise entertainment-only technology.
  3. Add water to LED lights and the result is beautiful (not dangerous).
  4. Cerebral Hut is a kinetic installation that moves in response to the brain frequencies of the viewer.
  5. How could we not include the Lego X-Wing? This 11-foot tall, 43 foot-long structure made with more than five million pieces is the largest Lego model in history.