Five of Our Favorite Finds: March ‘13 Edition

We’re constantly sharing interesting finds to help inspire our work (or simply offer a daily diversion). Here’s a roundup of our five favorite finds (say that five times fast) from March.

  1. The World Wide Maze is one of our favorite Chrome experiments yet. It’s a really playful idea and utilizes multiple devices to create a unique experience.
  2. The Google Glass feature no one is talking about. This is a great, to-the-point article about the kind of impact Google Glasses could have on our privacy and social interactions and why we need to start thinking about etiquette for wearable computing before we go down that path.
  3. AntiVJ's Paleodictyon takes inspiration from something in nature and turns it into an amazing work of art.
  4. The Chromatic Typewriter creates beautiful paintings with outdated technology.
  5. Our favorite diversion of the month is Whilst in SF, a collection of hilariously accurate GIFs.