Five of Our Favorite Finds: June ’13 Edition

A magical mirror, kinetic wind-powered sculptures, and a giant book domino chain are a few of our favorite finds from June. We also won some awards, attended the Eyeo Festival, and welcomed a new member to our team!1. UNIQLO's Magic Mirror allows users to try on clothing and see how it looks in a variety of colors without changing. The mirror uses a 60" High Brightness Professional Display by Sharp Electronics.

2. This before and after reel shows the stunning VFX work from The Great Gatsby.

3. These kinetic, wind-powered sculptures by Anthony Howe are totally mesmerizing.

4. Sonos Playground Deconstructed is an amazing interactive installation by Red Paper Heart that visualizes music and allows visitors to manipulate the animation through movement.

5. Seattle Public Library created the longest book domino chain in the world making this our favorite diversion of the month. The volunteer staff who had to put all those books away afterwards just silently fumed in the background.