Five of Our Favorite Finds: April '13 Edition

Bouncy balls, futuristic movie UI, and an internet accordion are a few of our favorite finds from April.

  1. Science! This interesting study shows how the brain responds to e-books vs printed books and where e-reader interfaces are lacking.
  2. The movie Oblivion features some intense GFX. Catch a sneak peek of the light table and helicopter UI with this GFX Montage.
  3. Gestural interfaces have come a long way since the early sixties. This article highlights the milestones leading up to the creation of the Microsoft Kinect.
  4. The Montréal en Lumière festival this year featured an interactive installation called Lift. Dynamic graphics were activated on a massive dome when people threw giant bouncy balls into the air.
  5. Our favorite diversion of the month is Garmoshka, a Russian button accordion that you can play by expanding and contracting your browser.