dBcube is open-source and ready to dance at Seattle Interactive Conference

Stimulant had a great time watching folks dance with #dBcube at the EMP Museum during the 2014 Decibel Festival, and are bringing it back to the Seattle Interactive Conference on October 15th and 16th. SIC isn't really known for dance-offs, but perhaps we can change that!As part of the presentation, Microsoft and Stimulant will discuss the cube in a panel on the afternoon of the 16th. If you'd like to attend, please use the promo code SPKSTIM100 when registering for a discount of $100.We have also posted the source code for the dBcube software on GitHub. This includes the Cinder project for GPU-powered graphics, the node.js software for client synchronization, and even a vvvv patch for audio analysis. The tech discussion is happening over on the Cinder forums.